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Mudlogging Services
Computerized mudlogging unit equipped with digital data acquisition system,
ROP,Hot Wire,Chromatagraph, C1,C2,C3,C4,C5

  • Continuous monitoring of gases coming from the well bore.
  • Lithogical interpretations and fluoroscopic examination of well cuttings caught at stipulated intervals by logging technicians,
  • Technicians prepares daily mudlog and report
  • Wits compatible
  • Unit is manned 24 hours
  • One set of dry samples
  • Three copies of the final mudlog
  • Daily reports and blog sent up via email
  • Blueray HW TC,CC


    MainLog Logging Program


    Mainlog provides a full featured WINDOWS mudlogging program that will save you time and money, while improving the accurracy and quality of your finished log. Features include
    · Real time plotting of ROP and both hotwire and chromatograph gases.
    · Easy entering and editing of all log data at any time and anywhere on the log without missing any data.
    · Quickly email daily updates to your clients who can view the log with the office program (included).
    · Full set of reports. Limited customization of the log format and features.
    Field tested and proven for over 10 years.
    · Export to LAS or PDF format(additional Adobe Acrobat software required), Create bmp, jpg or tif files

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